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What's With The Name?


Lead Staff

Kendall Lockwood
Operating Partner

Todd Reiter
Executive Chef

Dayna Lockwood & Keegan Lockwood

Bridget Davis
Event Coordinator


the B&B

The meaning behind our name is a curiosity for many.  The truth is that there are many interpretations – and we love that.  At the risk of influencing whatever meaning you might to bring to the name (please fight the urge), the original inspiration for the name was the STC 4021, a microphone first made in the 1930’s by Standard Telephones and Cables Limited, a British subsidiary of Western Electric.

Because of its unusual shape (and seemingly uninspiring name), the STC 4021 was dubbed “The Ball and Biscuit” by industry insiders. We thought the name had a nice ring to it (in the vein of English pubs) and we liked the vintage aspect and the connection to music. You will find an original Ball and Biscuit microphone on a shelf behind the bar and an homage to other vintage mics and music equipment throughout the space.  As is sometimes the case when speaking of old friends, you will also hear the bar affectionately referred to simply as “the biscuit” or “B&B.